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Happy dinner

I was very happy to see that my friends enjoyed my cooking – well, actually more like my experimental result. Now I know part of the joy in cooking is to see others enjoying the food 😀 Preparing the food together was fun too. Advertisements

Sinusitus go-away

I was very delighted when I found these drinks to reduce the sinus inflamation in Drink to Your Health book. I’ve been bothered with this sinus problem for long. I have sensitive nose – to dust, to change of temperature, to body stamina. Whenever my stamina gets weaker, nose is the first place gets attacked. Recipe#1 … Continue reading

Drink to reduce insomnia

Some people have problem with sleeping but not me. I usually sleep easily, only occasional insomnia nights. However, I know some people with constant sleeping disorder. Insomnia is largely caused by stress and tension. So make sure you eat a lot of healthy food to nourish your nervous system. You can help yourself with avoiding … Continue reading

Drink to reduce high blood pressure

Blood pressure is a common prbolem with many people. Some of the factors are heredity, overweight, unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. drinking, smoking, stress). Diet can help reducing blood pressure. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, fatty fish and tofu can help boosting the intake of potassium, calcium and magnesium which help regulating blood pressure. Garlic, onion, beans … Continue reading

Cap-Chai [Mixed Veggie Stir-Fry]

Cap Chai means mixed vegetables. It’s in Hokkien, one of many chinese dialects. I think the mandarin should be za-cai. As the name suggest, it means mixed of many vegetables. Well, in fact, not only vegetables are involved, we can use other stuff like mushrooms, meatball, sausages, sliced-meat, prawn etc. Some materials like tomato and potato … Continue reading

Ginger Tea

Ginger boosts the circulation and helps the body to detoxify. It’s higly antiseptic, activating immunity and dispelling bacterial and viral infections, such as colds, tonsillitis, bronchitis and enteritis. Ginger tea is very good to warm body during cold weather. Ingredient: Peeled and sliced fresh gingerroot (1 ounce) Water (2-3 cups) Optional: lemon juice, honey How … Continue reading

Carrot & Apple Juice

Ingredient: a carrot, a green apple, a small chunk of fresh ginger, a spoon of honey and a glass of water. Cut the carrot, apple, ginger into small pieces. Put the into juicer. Serve immediately. Carrot contains beta-carotene, vitamin K, fiber and chromium. Beta-carotene is converted into antioxidant vitamin A. It’s good to strenghten cells againts viruses, fight cancer, … Continue reading

Chatter#1 First juice fasting

I’ve read about detox and fasting in many magazines. It is said that fasting and detox help cleaning the body system. So I decided to give it a try: A two days juice fasting. Well, some people are not suitable for juice fasting. They are people with diabetes, low blood sugar, eating disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, malnutrition, … Continue reading

How to defrost/thaw frozen food

According to US Department of Agriculture, there are three safe ways to defrost food: 1. In the refrigerator Move the item you want to defrost from freezer (usually at the top side of fridge) to lower compartment of fridge. This process is slow so you must plan ahead. Small items may defrost overnight; most foods require a day or two. And large … Continue reading

Tempe Goreng [Fried Tempe]

Tempe is many Indonesians’ can’t-missed part of daily meal. It’s healthy and cheap thus easily  accessed by anyone there. I am not sure if it’s widely available in other countries. Tempe is made of fermented soybean. The beans are knit together by a mat of white mycelia (part of fungus).The fermentation made the protein more digestible and is … Continue reading