How to defrost/thaw frozen food

According to US Department of Agriculture, there are three safe ways to defrost food:

1. In the refrigerator

Move the item you want to defrost from freezer (usually at the top side of fridge) to lower compartment of fridge. This process is slow so you must plan ahead. Small items may defrost overnight; most foods require a day or two. And large items like turkeys may take longer, approximately one day for each 5 pounds of weight.

2. In cold water

For faster defrosting, place food in a leak proof plastic bag and immerse it in cold water. (If the bag leaks, bacteria from the air or surrounding environment could be introduced into the food. Tissues can also absorb water like a sponge, resulting in a watery product.) Check the water frequently to be sure it stays cold. Change the water every 30 minutes. After thawing, cook immediately.

3. In microwave

This is the fastest way. However some areas of the food may become warm and begin to cook during microwaving, so cook it straightaway.

Here for more info.

I usually use method#2. For even faster effect, for meat i will try to chop them into smaller pieces once it can be done to have larger surface for heat transfer. Sometimes I do put the food on the kitchen counter, so far so good. Hehehe…sometimes stomach needs practices to fight the bacteria.


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