Welcome to Mariani’s Kitchen Corner

Hi Folks!

Welcome to my Kitchen Corner.


Well, I suddenly found myself out of my normal busy schedule so I started cooking lately. I cook lunches – or more precisely: experiment on lunches.

My mom is a great cook. When I was still at home, I was her cook’s assistant – cutting, washing, serving. I observed what she did; however, I did not cook. So, as expected, my experiments and cooking-based-on-feeling-and-mental-note have ended with some hits and lots of misses.

When she knew that I am doing this, she came out with many easy to make recipes when I visited her at my hometown 😀

Well, I guess there are people who are as clueless as I am. So perhaps my misses can be reference for ‘Not-To-Do’ and the hits…well… hopefully you consider them as hits too.

I hope you find this useful and fun!

Recipes https://kitchencorner.wordpress.com/tag/recipes/ 

Nitty-Gritty How To’s https://kitchencorner.wordpress.com/tag/how-to/

Advices https://kitchencorner.wordpress.com/tag/advices/

One Response to “Welcome to Mariani’s Kitchen Corner”
  1. Winna says:

    Big thanks to you and your mama’s recipes! Help me a lot as a beginner cook 🙂
    Hope you keep continue posting the simple, easy n delicious food.

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